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1 Corinthians: Good News for Bad Christians

Pastor Jesus

Once Paul founded the church at Corinth he left to pursue other ministry opportunities in Ephesus. Although the church was likely small, perhaps only fifty people, it quickly turned into a crisis as supposed Christians sprinted into heresy and moral sin. Some church members were so distressed that they visited Paul to notify him of the mess and seek his counsel.

1 Corinthians: Good News for Bad Christians

Boasting About Jesus

Paul teaches that the message of the Cross is foolishness and nonsense to all but Christians. Unfortunately many Christians, like the church in Corinth, become proud of their intellect, power, and wealth rather than boasting in the ‘foolishness’ of the Cross.

1 Corinthians: Good News for Bad Christians

Preaching Jesus

Unity among God’s people in the church is an expected byproduct of Jesus’ work on the Cross. The Corinthian church, however, was divided amongst themselves by arrogant and immature prejudices, forgetting that their church should be about Jesus and not their personal preferences.

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