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Butter Knife Logging: Ecclesiastes 10:8-11:6

I grew up in the Northwest with a lot of trees and loggers. Loggers have particular tools for chopping down giant trees. The butter knife is not among those tools. Why? Not because it is sinful to log with a butter knife. No one ever went to hell because they were logging with a butter knife. Butter knife logging is not sinful, it’s just foolish. Some people are like butter knife loggers. They are doing a good thing in an unproductive way. They waste lots of time and energy only to get minimal results. How can you make your life more efficient? That is the question Solomon is driving at.

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God’s Word at Work | Part 9

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that,”…the word of God is living and active…” Here at Mark Driscoll Ministries we are committed to helping get the soul saving, life changing, eternity altering word of God out to the world. Sometimes, people are kind enough to email us and let us know how the Holy Spirit used Bible […]

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Meaningless Life?: Part 17: Threading Your Needle: Ecclesiastes 11:7 – 12:8

Meaningless Life? [Part 17]   Threading Your Needle: Ecclesiastes 11:7 – 12:8(Click Here for Audio) On multiple occasions our family has enjoyed getting away to a place where there are distinct seasons. In the spring, the days are warm and nights are cool. The summers become very dry and hot with a plentiful harvest of fresh […]