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The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

Jesus is the perfect storyteller. A parable is a small story that teaches a big idea in order to get our heart and expose our sin. The parable of the barren fig tree teaches that God cares about fruitfulness. We’re not saved by our fruit, but we’re saved to good fruit. Even when we’ve been fruitless, God’s heart is not to cut us down and throw us in the fire. God’s heart is to give us more time for him to work on us. By the grace of God, we can be fruitful. Pastor Mark gives some principles for being fruitful: (1) cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit; (2) repent of sins; (3) count your figs; (4) measure fruitfulness, not busyness; (5) learn from fruitful people; (6) be an activist, not a fatalist; (7) turn your pains into plans; and (8) use your manure.


Jesus Heals a Demonized Woman

Jesus heals a demonized woman who has suffered physical pain for eighteen years and she glorifies God. But, rather than rejoicing, the pastor criticizes Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus is tender with the woman and tough with the religious man. He rebukes the pastor publicly for treating livestock better than this woman. He then tells two parables to show that the kingdom of God starts small and grows big. How do you avoid religiosity? Remember the King and his kingdom.


Jesus and Repentance

People who are opposed to Jesus throw water on others’ passion for him. Regular practice of the spiritual disciplines (community, Scripture, prayer, worship, giving, serving, obedience, evangelism) kindles Spirit-fired passion. Be more concerned about your eternity than about the weather and the news. Are you going to heaven or hell? Jesus tells us to repent or perish. We all will die and stand before God to give an account for our life. Get ready for that day in court; do not delay. True repentance is confession, contrition, and change; it takes the whole person.

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Mothers, you are a gift

“You don’t work full time until you’re a mom,” was a quote from a Mother’s Day card that caught my eye. That is a strong statement, and one that I’m sure some would argue with. Having worked full-time both outside and inside the home, I agree that being a mom is a 24/7 responsibility. Even […]

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Meaningless Life?: Part 18: Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 -14

Meaningless Life? [Part 18] Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14 (Click Here for Audio) As the old adage goes, you save the best for last. This is why at a concert the biggest hit is the song that closes the show and dessert is saved for the end of a meal. The same is true in Ecclesiastes. […]