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Jesus the Narrow Door

Salvation is one narrow door and that narrow door is Jesus. It is exclusive: there’s one door. It is inclusive: all are welcome. The narrow door divides heaven and hell and it is closing—there is no second chance for salvation after death. When you die, the door slams shut behind you and you will stand before Jesus. He is the one who will judge you. Now he is weeping, inviting you to run by faith through the door that he has suffered, died, and risen to open for you. The decision is yours.


The Parable of the Lost Sheep and Coin

God’s heart is filled with joy when lost people are found. When we repent (confession, contrition, and change), God rejoices. Jesus says we’re like sheep. We tend to wander and stray. If a sheep strays away from the flock and the shepherd, it is in grave danger. Jesus is the good shepherd who came down looking for his lost sheep. Every lost sheep needs a good shepherd and a good flock. We are also like the lost coin that God is searching for and devoted to finding. We can’t find God any more than the coin finds the woman. God never gives up his search for his people. He searches until he finds them.


The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

In this difficult parable, Jesus teaches about money from the negative example of a dishonest manager. Everything belongs to God, and we are to wisely steward it. Jesus gives us a kingly, priestly, and prophetic view of money: Christians—rich and poor—need to be shrewd stewards who use their money to love people because wealth will fail (if not in this life, then at the end of this life). Money is a wonderful tool and a horrible god. Your money reveals your heart. Are you a shrewd steward who is able to love others financially? Do you understand that, in time, invariably, your wealth will fail you?

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9 Simple Ways to Be a Better Friend

Pray for your friend every day and let them know you are praying. Ask your friend how you can be a better friend. Check in regularly to see how your friend is doing. Send encouraging Scriptures to your friend in seasons when they are struggling. Quickly overlook minor offenses, and fully forgive bigger offenses. Learn […]

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Meaningless Life?: Part 18: Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 -14

Meaningless Life? [Part 18] Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14 (Click Here for Audio) As the old adage goes, you save the best for last. This is why at a concert the biggest hit is the song that closes the show and dessert is saved for the end of a meal. The same is true in Ecclesiastes. […]