Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. Learn more.

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Empowered by the Spirit to See the Kingdom

No matter who you are, every one of us will feel the sting of sickness and death. Someone you know, someone you love, is suffering right now, and perhaps you are, too. In Acts 9:32–43, we find the stories of two miraculous events: a paralyzed man walks and a dead woman lives once again. As Pastor Mark Driscoll explains, these events reveal the coming kingdom of God. This is a glimpse of life as it was meant to be, and life as it will be for those who are in Christ.


Empowered by the Spirit to Have a Testimony

There’s a difference between a biography and a testimony. Which one are you living for? In this sermon on Acts 9:19b – 31, Pastor Mark Driscoll discusses the differences, and shares his desire for the people of Mars Hill Church to grow in humility and godliness, starting with him. His prayer is that our lives would not be a biography of what we’ve done, but a testament to what Jesus has done so that others would come to know him.

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Driscoll Family Update

Hillsong Interview with Pastor Brian Houston It’s been a busy few weeks for the Driscoll family, and we wanted to give you some updates, along with expressing a sincere thanks to  everyone who has prayed for us, including those who have sent encouraging emails and let us know how to pray for them.  Grace and I were also […]

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