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Jesus, The Son of God

Jesus is arrested and dragged through false trials, during which he’s blindfolded, beaten, and blasphemed. He’s asked a series of questions, all of which boil down to one issue: is he the only God? Knowing that he will be crucified, Jesus declares himself to be the only God in three ways: he says he is the Christ, the Son of Man, and the Son of God. Some of you have been told Jesus never said he was God. He did. That’s why he was put to death.


How Jesus Taught the Bible

Jesus’ first priority after he physically rose from death was to teach people the Scriptures that are all about him. Just like the men walking to Emmaus whom Jesus joined, we are all spiritually blind until God opens our eyes; the teaching of the Word of God opens blind eyes. We see six ways in which all of the Old Testament is connected to Jesus: events, titles, prophecies, Christophanies, types, and like service. The book that God wrote is all about Jesus.


Jesus and Judas

We examine a sobering text of Scripture and lessons from the life of Judas. Judas was no victim. Judas’ desire was to betray Jesus, and Satan came and empowered that desire. The Bible doesn’t tell us why Judas did what he did; it leaves the question hanging in the air, “Could I do the same?” Each of us must humbly, soberly pray for God’s grace to not be a Judas.

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Should Christians Consume Alcohol?

Should a Christian consume alcohol? Is a matter of conscience? A matter of principle? Or a clearly defined issue that should result in all Christians abstaining from alcohol? This week, Pastor Mark address this question from one of our readers – Gary, from Tempe, AZ. Along with studying what the Bible has to say about […]

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Meaningless Life?: Part 18: Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 -14

Meaningless Life? [Part 18] Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14 (Click Here for Audio) As the old adage goes, you save the best for last. This is why at a concert the biggest hit is the song that closes the show and dessert is saved for the end of a meal. The same is true in Ecclesiastes. […]