Pastor Mark Driscoll

Men, Will You Vow to Lead?

Yesterday, we kicked off the Real Marriage sermon series at all Mars Hill churches. The opening sermon was entitled, “New Marriage, Same Spouse.”

A biblical understanding of marriage is that men are to be the spiritual leaders in their families who should work towards leaving a great gospel legacy for future generations, a topic I preached on last month out of Genesis 3, 1 Timothy 2 and 3, and Ephesians 5.

Towards the end of this Sunday’s sermon, I challenged the husbands in the room to stand up and take a vow that they would lead their family well. I then asked them to each pray over his wife, to serve her Communion, and to worship together holding hands.

It was a moving experience to see hundreds of men stand, take the vow, and pray over their wives in the service.

Also, we’ve made the vow into a poster that you men can print out and place in your home. Read it each day, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you lead your family well as a husband and a dad.

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