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Key #2 Building Intimacy

There is a powerful lie in our culture about marriage – that Christians and non-Christians have the same rates of marital happiness, adultery, and divorce. This powerful lie keeps non-Christians from coming to church to get help for their family. And, this powerful lie also keeps Christians discouraged and feeling like hypocrites. But, this lie […]


Key #1 Becoming Relationally Healthy

This week we examine the woman at the well as a case study in relationships. Through her example, we learn that until we have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, we are relationally unhealthy. Therefore, our relationship with Jesus Christ through which we experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to heal our hurts […]


Worship is War

At the Trinity Church, Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches a sermon entitled, “Worship is War” Revelation 4:1-11

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How to Have a Godly Fight with Your Spouse

The key to having a good fight that ends in reconciliation rather than a bad fight that ends in bitterness is to learn to fight as friends and not enemies. The following rules of engagement are offered to help you fight to the glory of God and the good of your marriage. First, you have […]

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Meaningless Life?: Part 18: Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 -14

Meaningless Life? [Part 18] Fear God: Ecclesiastes 12:9 – 14 (Click Here for Audio) As the old adage goes, you save the best for last. This is why at a concert the biggest hit is the song that closes the show and dessert is saved for the end of a meal. The same is true in Ecclesiastes. […]