Daniel #1 Small Group Questions

Daniel #1 Small Group Questions

To help you study the book of Daniel in a group setting, each week we will post small group questions based on that week’s sermon on the markdriscoll.org blog.

LEARNING: Talk it out

  1. What is your primary takeaway from the sermon or passage?
  2. From chapter 1, what are some of the ways that the spirit of Babylon is trying topple, train, and tempt Daniel? Do you see any similar examples in our culture today?
  3. In chapter 1, how did the Spirit of God help Daniel navigate his early days in Babylon?

LIVING: Walk it out

  1. What is one area of your life that you experience the spirit of Babylon, and how can you push back against it this week?
  2. To fight against the spirit of Babylon you need the Spirit of God in you and godly friends around you. How can you practically pursue both of those in your life?
  3. Is there anyone that you should pray for and invite to church next week?


Encouraged: break up into groups of men and women separately, and take some time to pray for one another.

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