Pastor Mark’s official Acts reading list for nerds

Pastor Mark’s official Acts reading list for nerds

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I once had a professor tell me that he was a nerd, and that I had “quite a bit of nerd” in me. Admittedly, I like books, research, and data.

This week I start preaching the book of Acts live. According to my layout of the book, it will take some 58 sermons to complete the entire book of the Bible. So, I will be taking chunks of five to 10 weeks every year, generally after Easter, to work through sections of Acts for the next however many years it takes to finish.

For those like me who want to nerd out and study Acts in depth, below is a list of commentaries.

To find ratings and recommendations for other commentaries and scholarly works, is a great resource. Also, while it’s not a commentary, the Acts Study Guide is a resource we’ve created for those who want to study along with the series. 

Mark Driscoll

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