He Made Us Family

Our God is a gracious, loving dad who continues to save and adopt more kids into his family. Though none of us has picture-perfect families, Jesus is at work reconciling us to God as sons and daughters and to one another as brothers and sisters. This series is filled with stories of grace, redemption, reconciliation, and love—all because God first loved us and made us family.


Jesus Was Born So That We Could Be Born Again

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but why was he born? Jesus was born so that we could be born again. Once you’ve been born again, everything changes; you have a new Lord and you become a new person with a new identity, new power, a new mind, a new community, and new desires. This is the gift exchange: give Jesus your sin, be born again, and receive these gifts he gives.


Why Life Is Hard For Jesus And His People

We learn in the remaining verses of Matthew chapter 2 that Herod is a king and a killer, overseeing the slaughter of innocents (like many of us today); that God is sovereign and supernatural, and he speaks and sends; that Jesus is the greater Moses, the greater Israel, the greater King, and he provides the greater Exodus; and that Jesus’ people experience difficulties, duties, and delights.


Giving Your Gift to Jesus

The first responses to Jesus were selfish interest (like Herod), disinterest (like many Jews), and genuine interest (like the wise men). We don’t know much about the wise men, but they were wise to seek Jesus and worship him with their wealth. For them, the pursuit of Jesus was the most important thing (more than their comfort, security, wealth). Meeting Jesus is more important than anything else.


Jesus Is Still with Us

Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, when God came into human history as part of a family. Mary and Joseph were young and poor, yet godly examples of faith. Joseph accepted the script and family that God handed him, even though he had not envisioned a pregnant, virgin Mary. Jesus was the prophesied Son who would save his people from their sins. He is Immanuel, God with us, and he is still with us today. In this season of gift-giving, give your sin to Jesus and receive the gift of salvation.


Jesus Welcomes You into His Family

Does your family include incest? Does it include adultery? Does it include prostitution? Does it include murder? Jesus’ family does. The Bible is honest about it and invites you to be honest as well, so that you can see the sins of your family and know that you all need a Savior. Jesus welcomes you to be adopted into the family of God—the church—and together, as a family, grow to be more like him.