Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching videos from Pastor Mark Driscoll


Hard lessons from Judas

Sometimes the Bible provides negative examples of failure and sin as case studies for us. This week, Pastor Mark takes a look at some hard lessons leaders can learn from the failure of Judas Iscariot.


Principles vs. Methods

In this edition of Leadership Coaching, Pastor Mark shares some counsel from Pastor Larry Osborne. When leadership mistakes methods with principles, the result is rigid policy that erodes organizational health.


Train the called: Part 5

In this leadership lesson, the fifth installment of a ten-part series based on Luke 6:12–16, Pastor Mark explains why leaders shouldn’t just pick outside leaders who were well trained, but should also invest in those already serving who are called to lead (watch parts one, two, three, and four).


Get the men first: Part 4

Watch the fourth installment of a ten-part series on leadership lessons from Luke 6:12–16, where Jesus chose his disciples (watch parts one, two, and three). In this lesson, Pastor Mark shares how leaders should follow Jesus’ example by focusing first on discipling young men.