“Son of God”: Mark Burnett & Roma Downey at R13

“Son of God”: Mark Burnett & Roma Downey at R13

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R13 attendees got a special treat on Day Two as the creators of the Emmy-nominated History Channel miniseries “The Bible” came on stage to share details and exclusive footage from their upcoming film about the life of Jesus.

Technology has led to a great expansion of the gospel throughout history. We wouldn’t have the Reformation without the printing press. We wouldn’t have Billy Graham Crusades without audio amplification. Radio ministry continues to be the means by which the message of Jesus reaches hundreds of countries around the world. 

The movie camera was invented by the Christian Thomas Edison, who sought to give the patent to his church. They declined, but other churches were among the first to use the new technology for the gospel, which explains why many of the first movies ever made had the word “passion” in the title—they were about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Technology has led to a great expansion of the gospel throughout history.

By God’s grace, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have now been given a huge opportunity to continue this tradition and use the medium of film to tell the world about Jesus. God has granted them great favor in their careers, and they’re now using their resources and influence to make a serious effort to honor and glorify his name above their own. 

To kick off Day Two of the Resurgence Conference, my wife Grace and I welcomed Mark and Roma on stage as special guests to talk about their latest project, The Son of God, a full-length feature about the life of Jesus, which 20th Century Fox will have in theaters February 2014. 

“Jesus is God,” Mark Burnett said during our conversation. “We took a very clear position in the series and in the film . . . It’s unequivocally very, very clear.” I really appreciated what both Mark and Roma had to share with our audience; here is the full interview (note: preview footage from the film was edited out due to promotional restrictions):

Prayer & Support

Please pray for Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Their work is truly unprecedented in the history of the church, and I am happy to work with them to make the most of this incredible opportunity to share the gospel in this unique, impactful way. 

In addition to prayer, here are a few more things you can do to support the good work these two are doing:

  • Cast your vote for “The Bible” miniseries in this year’s People’s Choice Awards.
  • Text “sonofgod” to 313131 to show your support for the upcoming movie and receive updates on the film. 
  • Use #SonofGodmovie on social media to talk about the new film. 

We watched the world premier trailer for The Son of God at the conference, and the footage choked me up as I thought of the millions of people who will hear about Jesus through this project. I am so encouraged by God’s work through this couple. 

Mark Driscoll

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