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We recently started a new dinner tradition with our children, where they take turns reading a section of Scripture they have chosen and lead our family in a discussion. One night while doing this together, it dawned on me that I could do something similar and have a daily Bible discussion with you as well.  I am calling it, “It’s All About Jesus! Daily Devotionals with Mark Driscoll. Please join me daily by signing up at

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It is Finished! Jesus’ Death and Resurrection by Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears
The content for this e-book was originally published as chapters 8-9 in the book Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe written by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears.


Boys to Men

So many men today are really just overgrown boys. They’ve never taken responsibility for themselves or their families, and are missing the true essence of what it means to be a man. Watch as Pastor Mark Driscoll shows you what it really means to move from boyhood to manhood – and from manhood to godly […]


Key #6 Moving From Roommates To Soul Mates

In our culture today, there are three marriage killers: casual dating, cohabitation, and contractual thinking. In this sermon, those errors are corrected with the biblical concept of covenant. What does it mean to have a covenant relationship with God? What does it mean to have a covenantal relationship with other people, especially a spouse? This […]


Key #4 Becoming A Safe Person

Relationships are the most wonderful and awful, pleasant and painful part of life. In this sermon, Pastor Mark examines three kinds of people—evil, foolish, and wise. Which kind of person are you? Which kind of people are you in relationship with? How can you become a safe and wise person who has healthy, live-giving relationships […]


Key #3 Overcoming Past Hurts

Forgiveness is crucial, essential, and irreplaceable to the entirety of the Christian faith. Unless we are forgiven by God through Jesus Christ, we have no joyful relationship with God in this life or the eternal life to come. Unless we are forgiven by others and forgive those with whom we journey in this life, we […]


Key #2 Building Intimacy

There is a powerful lie in our culture about marriage – that Christians and non-Christians have the same rates of marital happiness, adultery, and divorce. This powerful lie keeps non-Christians from coming to church to get help for their family. And, this powerful lie also keeps Christians discouraged and feeling like hypocrites. But, this lie […]


Key #1 Becoming Relationally Healthy

This week we examine the woman at the well as a case study in relationships. Through her example, we learn that until we have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, we are relationally unhealthy. Therefore, our relationship with Jesus Christ through which we experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to heal our hurts […]


Making Significant Relationships

At the Trinity Church, Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches a sermon entitled, “Making Significant Relationships” Everybody wants to have meaningful relationships – it’s in our DNA. But when you try to build those relationships in a fallen world, things start to get complicated! In Making Meaningful Relationships, Pastor Mark shows you how Scripture says you can […]


Enjoying a New Life

At the Trinity Church, Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches a sermon entitled, “Enjoying A New Life.” Galatians 5:13 – 6:5 The Bible is clear: as long as you on live this side of eternity, your flesh and your spirit will fight against one another. So how can you experience real victory in this battle? Pastor Mark’s […]