We’re Praying for Life Center Tacoma

We’re Praying for Life Center Tacoma

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Life Center Tacoma

I encourage you to be in prayer for Pastor Dean Curry and the church he leads, Life Center Tacoma.

One of my great joys is meeting leaders from other churches that I appreciate and have a heart for. As an ongoing series here on Resurgence, I thought it would be encouraging to share what God is doing in and through various local churches, even some that are not in our tribe but are on Team Jesus. Please be in prayer for these churches, and our brothers and sisters serving Jesus in all different places and contexts.

Life Center Tacoma

A few years ago, Mars Hill planted a church in Federal Way, Washington. We were setting up and tearing down in a school, until we lost that space and had to move to another school. We really needed a home, and God recently opened up an opportunity to purchase and renovate an old church in Tacoma.

As we began work on that church, I started hearing a lot from Pastor Bubba, our lead pastor in Tacoma, about Pastor Dean Curry at Life Center Tacoma. Here’s what Pastor Bubba has to say:

Pastor Dean is one of the most sincere, generous, and helpful pastors I have ever met. No one does more to unify and serve the greater church in the 253 area code than Pastor Dean.

When I first moved to Tacoma, Pastor Dean invited me to meet his staff. They prayed for me and told me all the ways they appreciate Mars Hill Church. Then Pastor Dean had my wife Shelly and me over to his house for dinner. He invited many of the local pastors in the area over to meet us. Again, they prayed for us and we discussed how we could work together for the good of the gospel in our city.

When we needed a place to host a fundraiser, Pastor Dean and Life Center hosted a fundraiser dinner for us and helped us raise $10,000 for our building fund. Repeatedly, Pastor Dean has demonstrated the love of Christ to me whether through phone calls, texts of encouragement, or by sharing resources. He is a wonderful brother in Christ and a true example of servant leadership, unity, and generosity.

Pastor Dean and Life Center Tacoma have been a wellspring of encouragement and support, even on Twitter. There aren’t many churches out there encouraging people in their own community to visit another church. Amazingly, their love and support doesn’t stop there.

Pastor Dean—along with others from Life Center Tacoma—rolled up his sleeves and cleaned the stairs at Mars Hill Tacoma, something that admittedly I haven’t even done.

Thank you, Life Center and Pastor Dean for all of your love and support in Jesus’ name!

Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. Read More